Macondray Philippines Co., Inc. (MPCI) is a private, Filipino-owned investment holding group. It traces its beginnings to a company initially established as the Philippine branch of an American-owned shipping firm based in San Francisco, in the United States. Under the original American ownership, Macondray was founded in the Philippines in 1898 and incorporated in 1960. Throughout the next three decades, it continued to operate as a trading firm in the country. Then in 1990, the company entered a phase of redirection when it was acquired by the Lorenzo family. The new Filipino management refocused the business conglomerate toward areas where its expertise could realize high growth potentials and sustained profitability. Since then, MPCI has proven its strength in successfully managing ventures in the food, consumer finance, packaging, trading, and distribution industries.

Today, MPCI continues to evolve and innovate. It has streamlined various allied businesses into a single cohesive operation, which fosters greater collaboration and builds further on the synergy within the group. It has also fueled the organization's drive toward providing a wider range of high-quality products and dependable service.